Why Maverick Pay Monthly Websites?

Because we are not your typical Web Designers!

The problem with the vast majority of web designers is that they don’t understand the first thing about marketing.  Many of them are graphic designers who have added another string to their bow.  And there is nothing wrong with that…  except when they present themselves as marketing experts, which sadly, most of them are anything but.  Sure, they may build you a website that looks great, but that is as much use as a chocolate fireguard if it doesn’t help you sell stuff!

A very simple way to tell if your existing or prospective web designer is a competent marketer or not is to listen carefully to what they ask you about the website you want building:

If they ask you how you want it to look before they ask you what you want it to do, find someone else!

If you have a website that isn’t bringing you the business you thought it would, or if you are yet to have your website built, talk to us at Maverick Websites.

How To Get More Customers, Spending More Money, More Often

Discover the fundamentals of successful marketing and how to easily apply them to your business and website

Before you spend your hard earned money on a website or any other form of marketing, take a moment to download and read our free ebook

“How To Get More Customers, Spending More Money, More Often”

This ebook reveals the mistakes that 98% of businesses make when building their websites and how to avoid them.  It will also open your eyes to the most profitable way to market your business and how to ensure that your website actually makes you money.

Why Choose a Pay Monthly Website?

All businesses should have a website, yet many just don’t know where to start.  Traditional websites can be expensive and may often be inflexible or expensive to maintain.  As well as the obvious advantage of being able to spread the cost, pay monthly websites also offer the following benefits:

All in One Solution

Our pay monthly website packages all come with absolutely everything included, including your domain name, reliable UK-based web hosting and professional email services.  You simply pay a single monthly fee and we take care of the rest.  No having to remember to renew your domain name or worrying about going over your hosting allowance!

Updates and changes are included in the price

Unlike traditional website companies, we don’t charge you hundreds or even thousands of pounds to build your website, then ask for even more money as soon as you decide that you want to change something!  With Maverick Pay Monthly Websites, all updates and changes are included in the package price.  Simply select the package which meets your needs.

No need to worry about software upgrades

Software (especially web software) is changing all the time.  If you don’t keep your website up-to-date, you may soon find that certain elements of your site stop working or that your website doesn’t display properly on the latest smartphones or tablets.  Keeping your website updated with all the latest software can be a daunting task.  At Maverick Pay Monthly Websites, we take care of software updates so that you don’t have to worry about them.  You can sit back, safe in the knowledge that your website will always be up-to-date with the most current software.

Security and peace of mind

When running a business, you need a secure website service that you can rely on, 365 days a year.  Remembering to backup your website, or to apply the latest security patches, is a hassle you can do without.  With Maverick Pay Monthly Websites, important security measures including backup, anti-virus and anti-spam are all included in your package.


All good businesses change, many on a daily basis.  Your website needs to reflect these changes in order to keep your customers engaged and most importantly, to keep them coming back to you regularly!  With traditional websites, keeping your site constantly updated can be a chore, which is why many businesses don’t bother, leaving them with an out-of-date website that puts potential customers off.  At Maverick, we design all our websites so that it is easy to add content as your business develops.  You can have us add the content for you free of charge, or you can add content yourself (we provide full training on how do do this).  We can even link your social media accounts to your website so that your statuses and tweets are automatically posted to your website’s blog page!  With Maverick, there is no excuse for having a boring, static website!

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